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Welcome to Nu-Smile Dental

LOGOCUT nu smile dentists
Nu-Smile Dental offers a full range of dental services in a world class environment.

This includes general dental procedures such as full dental examinations, oral health and preventative care ("cleanings"), direct repairs ("fillings"), crowns and bridges, laser-assisted root canal treatments as well as more complex procedures such as implant placements, tooth whitening, periodontal treatment, orthopaedic-orthodontic treatment, tempero-mandibular disorder therapy and full mouth rehabilitations ("make overs") to name a few.

Our state of the art equipment includes a 3D CT scanner, digital x-rays, thermal endodontic units, dental lasers, intra-oral cameras, whitening light, "the wand" numbing up machines, in-house implant unit and high-end automated instrument washers and autoclaves for effective sterility.

Sterility is very important to us and we ensure that our instruments are not just clean, but sterile. Our surgeries are designed to be kept as aseptic as possible.

We strive to keep up to date with the latest international dental developments and provide pain-free and effective treatment, with a smile!


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