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Full Mouth Rehabilitation


Full Mouth Rehabilitation consists of a holistic, long-term dental treatment program after an in depth assessment has been done, in order to restore an individual's bite & aesthetics with the best possible long-term outcome.

How does the assessment and treatment work?

First of all a full oral health assessment has to be done. Then a treatment report can be set up for your individual needs. Every individual's case is different. Therefore, each treatment plan will be different. However, in general, any oral sepsis or infection requires first attention. Thereafter, compromised teeth which can be saved has to be restored. In cases where a bite has collapsed, a bite plate therapy phase is required before a stable, new bite can be achieved. When a bite is stable it allows much better long-term success with aesthetic treatment on front teeth.

What does it mean if a bite has "collapsed"?

When you have had many teeth removed and are biting on less back teeth than you should, your bite has most likely collapsed to some extent. When teeth get removed, but not replaced by prosthodontic treatment adjacent teeth may start shifting over the years, wear much more and may even become mobile over time due to excessive biting forces being absorbed by the remaining teeth. This may lead to your bite becoming more "closed", and may even place pressure on your jaw joints which lead to tempero-mandibular disorder (TMD). Unfortunately, aesthetic treatment on front teeth will not last very long in individuals where a collapsed bite has not been addressed as restorative materials on front teeth simply can not handle the amount of force placed on them when a bite is "collapsed".

What procedures are included?:

It may involve everything available in dentistry dependant on the oral hygiene, the state of the mouth and what the individual needs are with regards to expectations, costs and time. As mentioned above, every case is different and require different procedures.

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