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No Cavities for life 

Current dental technology and knowledge allows us to keep kids' oral health great. Preventative care and early intervention results in a healthy happy smile. It is VERY important that parents take responsibility in helping their children to keep good oral hygiene, as it is impossible for children to brush and floss adequately before proper development of their fine motor skills in their hands. The rule of thumb is - if a boy/girl can not make a brilliant shoelace knot without looking, they can not brush properly yet either!

Kids with great smiles usually have lots of self confidence.

What does Preventative Care include?

  • 6x monthly visits to the oral hygienist
  • Correct home care and healthy habits
  • Healthy eating
  • Regular dental and developmental check ups by the dentist

Regular preventative visits are vitally important. The oral hygienist will check the child's teeth, clean them thoroughly and apply special fluorides to prevent cavities. The hygienist will record and monitor plaque levels for future use and motivation. She will also teach children and parents effective oral hygiene techniques and home care.

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Fluorides have proved to be a safe and cost effective way to keep Kids' teeth healthy.

The Hygienist will apply hi-concentrate sticky dental mousse directly to the teeth after cleaning. It re-mineralizes the teeth in areas where it has become demineralised to avoid cavity formation. Fluoride tablets and drops may be given daily at home. Check with our office for dosage and supply.


Home Care & Healthy Habits

Correct home care is vital for a healthy smile. Kids must have their teeth cleaned effectively at least twice a day. Start creating healthy habits early!

Baby — Wipe teeth with a soft cloth or "finger brush" as soon as teeth cut the gum.
Toddlers — Use a very small soft brush and remember to clean all the surfaces. Floss teeth daily as soon as they get close to each other. Use age appropriate brushes, as these are smaller and more comfortable for children. "Easy flossers" also makes flossing much easier!
Teens — Brush twice a day and floss at least once a day. Parents should check the effectiveness of the brushing at least once a day.


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Healthy eating

Start healthy eating habits early!

Avoid sugars of all kinds in your baby's bottles—early childhood caries are guaranteed. Avoid sugary tea or juice in bottles when sending your child to bed, as this results in his/her teeth being exposed and weakened by sugar throughout the evening.

Get children to rinse with water after eating sweets or sugary treats. Avoid cool drink bottles with spouts (sports drink bottles).

Limit intake of sweets and sugary treats/drinks to specific times of the day and avoid all day nibbling.


Give your child the present that lasts forever - 
A beautiful healthy smile

Achieving excellent Oral Health for your child is a partnership between the Dental Practice and the Parents.

From the age of four years children should visit the Oral Hygienist every 6 months, and the dentist at least every 12 months depending on development.

To promote the partnership Nu-Smile Dental will do a FREE annual complete oral health assessment to the value of R900 (as of February 2019) for each child that has completed 3 successive six monthly visits to the Oral Hygienist and have maintained their plaque levels at below 15% at each of these visits.

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