Direct Repairs (fillings)

fillings nu smile dental east lindonDirect repairs are also known as "fillings". This is the most common procedure done to repair teeth with cavities. If cavities are not repaired, caries will extend deeper into the tooth and create larger cavities, eventually resulting in tooth infection. At this stage placing direct repairs won't be successful anymore.

Do you still do "silver fillings", because I do not want mercury in my mouth:

Silver fillings are known as amalgams. Amalgam is the oldest filling material available on the dental market. There has been a lot of controversy around it due to its mercury content. We only use "tooth coloured" fillings at Nu-Smile dental.

Do I need to have an injection when "fillings" are done?

Most commonly we do need to numb a tooth before doing the filling. We are proud to be using "wands" to numb teeth without the need of syringes!! This is a much more controlled and comfortable technique to numb teeth.

What does the procedure involve?

We need to numb the tooth/teeth up. Thereafter, we place a rubber dam mask. This is a dental mask which helps to protect your cheeks, tongue, throat and lips while doing restorative work. This also allows the dentist to keep the tooth better isolated during the placement of the fillings, which are VERY important for successful placement of tooth coloured fillings. After the rubber dam has been placed, the decayed tooth structure will be removed. Then the tooth can be restored! Latex-free rubber dams and gloves are available for those who are allergic to latex. 

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