Dental Check Ups


general-dentistry nu smile dentalOur dentists diagnose and manage your overall oral health care needs in a sterile dental environment. We recommend you have yearly dental check ups done in order to prevent small problems becoming major, which leads to extensive dental treatment.

During your check up visits, intra-oral pictures, radiographs and CBCT scans are done as required to make proper diagnosis and treatment plans. Your dentist will show and explain to you what treatment is needed. Thereafter a treatment estimate will be provided to you with suggested treatment in order of priority.

What to expect at routine dental check-ups?

It is highly recommended to have yearly full oral health assessments. This allows the dentist to have an in depth soft tissue (tongue & gums), hard tissue (teeth) and functional (jaw joint) examination, including intra-oral ("in the mouth") photos and radiographs ("X-Rays") as necessary.

Your dentist can then discuss the findings with you, while showing you the photos and radiographs.

A comprehensive treatment plan in order of priority will be set-up and given to you on the same day. This provides information on the amount of visits, time required per visit as well as the cost estimates.

Routine check-ups and oral hygiene appointments helps to monitor and maintain a healthy smile, especially in those individuals where a lot of restorative work has already been done. It is always better to maintain good health and prevent problems as far as possible.

What are the benefits?

Going to the dentist to fix broken, aching or rotten teeth may be a daunting thought for many people.

When teeth are severely damaged, decayed or become painful, the possibility for discomfort during dental procedures become higher.

THAT IS WHY regular dental check-ups as well as cleaning appointments with the oral hygienist are so crucial. Dental procedures are much quicker, more comfortable and less costly when problems are addressed while still small/minor.

Much more time and costs are involved when complex treatment is required. Therefore, achieving & maintaining excellent oral health is much better than just "patching things up" when they are already broken.

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